Trust and the Search for Answers: How Influence Optimizes SEO Performance

3May 2021

influence search optimization

influence search optimization

According to the annual Global Digital Overview Report from We Are Social and Hootsuite, 81% of internet users search online for a product or service to buy and 74% have purchased online. Without question, digital engagement and commerce is the new normal and is as relevant for B2B companies as it has been for B2C.

During the pandemic, search engines have become even more important as B2B brands and buyers alike digital transform to virtual engagement for information discovery, consumption and interaction. As a result, many companies have invested more in search engine optimization in order to capture the fast-growing opportunities to be the best answer for customers at the moment of need – when actively searching for solutions.

Best practices for SEO abound on the web including this list from SEMrush:>Find Your Competitors’ Best Performing PagesInform Your Content Strategy Using A Keyword Gap AnalysisUse Digital PR To Earn Authority BacklinksImprove Your Organic CTR Using PPC TestingOptimize For ‘People Also Ask’Steal Your Competitor’s Broken BacklinksUse Supporting Content To Show Topical ExpertiseUse Internal Links To Supercharge Page 2 RankingsOptimize Core Web VitalsMake Your PR Team’s Efforts Work Harder For SEO and Turn Brand Mentions Into LinksOptimize For Image SearchClean Up Toxic Links

But what good is optimization for visibility if buyers don’t trust what they find?

Research from CSO Insights reported by MarketingCharts, 27.2% of buyers say web searches are their preferred source of information for solving business problems but 43% rely on subject matter experts (SMEs) from the industry. Trust in marketing has become a challenge and it’s no different with search marketing. A Forbes/Yext study found that only 50% of people trust what they find in search results and research from HubSpot reports that 65% don’t trust ads.

Virtually all SEO efforts emphasize the KPI of ranking on a search engine as the proxy to success but without trust in content, that’s simply not true. Even when companies make the investment to create “great content”, without signals of trust and credibility, those content and SEO investments fall short of being a mediocre user experience at best.

In the world of SEO, you are what you E.A.T.

According to Google’s search Quality Rater Guidelines, one of the most important criteria

By: Lee Odden
Title: Trust and the Search for Answers: How Influence Optimizes SEO Performance
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