273 (MORE!) Words to Use In Your Emotional Marketing Copy

3May 2021

While we like to think we make decisions based on rationale and logic, the truth is that they are largely, if not entirely, emotion-based. We are wired to respond to external stimuli with emotions first (the limbic system, in the center of the brain), followed only then by logic (the outer neocortex). So indeed, our brains operate from the inside out.

Please tell me you’ve seen this movie.

In fact, studies have found that people with damage to their limbic system are incapable of making decisionsSo what does this have to do with marketing? Well, consumers are faced with countless decisions every day. So by triggering particular emotions with your marketing copy (so long as they have a limbic system), you have the ability to influence their behavior. 

Not long ago, we presented you with 120 words and phrases to use for emotional marketing. It was a huge hit! That’s why we’re coming back with over 200 more words to use—this time broken into five categories:


We’ll cover the role each of these emotions plays in consumer behavior and buying habits, then shower you with all the words you can use to evoke them

Why use emotions in marketing?

So we know that emotions drive decisions, but let’s talk about the other reasons you should spend time on emotional marketing.

Humanize your business

Research shows that consumers perceive the same type of personality characteristics in brands as they do in people, and that attraction is emotion-based, not rational. So, just as an emotionless human is hard to connect with and oftentimes avoided…

Image source

…so, too, is a brand that represents itself as a colorless array of products, features, and benefits. Emotional words and phrases transform your brand into a character with a particular tone, voice, and personality that consumers can be attracted to and connect with.

Build a community

Think of emotions as a way not to get in front of your audience, but behind them. By producing content that represents the emotions they want to avoid or achieve, you can demonstrate that you really get them. That you have their back.

And a person that feels validated and accepted is going to want to give others who are like-minded the opportunity to experience that too. And before you

By: Kristen McCormick
Title: 273 (MORE!) Words to Use In Your Emotional Marketing Copy
Sourced From: www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2021/05/03/emotional-marketing-copy

The 7 figure AMAZON MACHINE: https://rebrand.ly/howqfxb

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