7 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic from Evergreen Content

27March 2021

Evergreen content is a staple in good SEO. A post or guide that targets a solid volume keyword, contains tips that remain relevant over time, and includes helpful images can accumulate more and more traffic to your site each year. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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But even the most evergreen content starts to show its age, and there does come a time when that content gets slightly outdated.

That being said, I’m going to share with you how to give your content a nice refresh to keep your SEO in check and continue earning favor in both Google’s and your audience’s eyes.

We’ll cover a number of easy tips and tactics to help your evergreen content attract more free traffic, including:

>Targeting new terms Adding more/newer informationUpdating linksTitle changes, and much more

So let’s dive in.

Why refresh evergreen content?

The obvious reason behind refreshing content is because, well, you should refresh anything that expires or gets stale. But in SEO terms and with evergreen content, there is more to it.

First of all, it doesn’t make sense to write an entirely new post on the same keyword. Those two posts will then compete with one another and dilute each other’s SEO “juice.”

Second of all, if the piece is truly evergreen, it has accumulated quality traffic and backlinks over time. It’s better to build on what you have than to start a new post from scratch.

And finally, because Google prefers accurate and fresh content. This is nothing new—it’s been around since the “Freshness” Update way back in 2011.

7 ways to refresh and reoptimize old content for better SEO

There are many elements to an evergreen blog post or guide that can be improved to help you get more mileage out of your content and keep your SEO strategy fresh. Here are seven of them you can try.

1. Revisit your keywords

Keyword targeting is the practice of catering a piece of content around a particular word or phrase—namely, one that your ideal customers are looking up when in search of your products or services. This allows your business to get in front of them when they have intent to learn, engage, or buy.

If your content contains solid information but isn’t targeted at a particular word or phrase, do your keyword research and identify a keyword you can target. There are plenty of keyword research tools to help you identify popular and relevant terms. Once you’ve identified a keyword to target, include it in the title, subheadings, and image tags of the post to signal to Google what you’re trying to rank for. If

By: Kristen McCormick
Title: 7 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic from Evergreen Content
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